Frequently asked questions

Which plastics we process, how long tools are kept, which data formats we need, which quantities are possible: You can find answers to these and similar questions in our comprehensive FAQ section.

How can I contact you?

The fastest way to contact us is by phone: +49 6071 9229-0, additionally you can reach us by fax: +49 6071 9229-11, e-mail to info@solidtec.de or via our contact form.

What do you need to offer me a tool?

For a meaningful offer we need the following information:

  • Your contact details
  • 3D data/drawing
  • The desired material
  • The required number of pieces
  • The target delivery date

Which data formats can you process?

If possible, 3D data of the component should be provided in one of the following formats: STEP, STL, VDA, IGES or CATIA, other formats on request.
Additional 2D data preferably as PDF or TIF.

Can I view the tool design data?

Yes, if required, we can provide you with the tool design in a free viewer with measuring function.

Do I have any influence on the shrinkage and injection point you use?

We are happy to implement your wishes regarding gating and shrinkage. Please note this either on the drawing or the order. Of course we can also discuss any special features of your project in a technical discussion. Tests with different injection points are also possible on request at an extra charge.

Can I come by for part sampling and have a look at the tool?

Please understand that the initial sampling is always carried out without the presence of the customer. Once the tool inserts have been run in, you can of course experience your tools in action if you wish and by appointment. Your future series supplier is also welcome.

Can my series toolmaker contact you?

Yes, we are happy to pass on the knowledge gained from your prototype tool to you or your toolmaking department. We are also happy to use your know-how, which you have gained through experience with similar tools.

Who owns the created tool?

The tool consists of the inserts manufactured for you as well as a specially adapted master tool. The inserts belong to you, the master tool remains our property, as it is used for several customers and tools.

Can I get the tool inserts from you?

As a rule, the tool inserts remain with us, so we can manufacture parts for you at any time. On your request, however, we will of course send you the tool inserts.

Do you also build steel tools?

No, we do not use complete steel tools. For special requirements we manufacture individual tool parts made of steel in exceptional cases.

What tolerances can be maintained?

As a rule, we comply with DIN 20457 TG6 for plastic parts. However, if these tolerances are not sufficient for you, we should clarify special requests in advance.

The speciality in the use of aluminium in tool making is the high flexibility in tool adjustments and tool changes. Especially when adapting functional dimensions, tolerances of lengths, distances and diameters can be "adjusted" very well (e.g. by repositioning previously agreed lead dimensions). Also change inserts or contour changes in the existing tool are usually inexpensive and easy to introduce, especially if they are coordinated in advance.

What happens if the tool breaks?

We guarantee a minimum service life for the tools according to your inquiry. If a tool breaks before these are reached, we will repair it at our expense. If the damage occurs later, we offer repairs or a cheap new tool.

How long do you keep the tools?

Unless otherwise agreed, tools are stored for at least 3 years after the last parts order.

Which part sizes can you produce?

We offer the following part sizes:
Component volume from 0 to approx. 1000 cm³ (approx. 1360 g with PA66 GF30 = 1360 kg/m³)

Component dimensions:

  • Maximum component length: approx. 600 mm
  • Maximum component height: approx. 240 mm
  • Projected area: approx. 1000 cm² depending on wall thickness

Can you help me to design new articles?

For a new project, we are happy to clarify feasibility and optimisation possibilities in advance. We can realize simple implementations according to your specifications, for more complex tasks we offer you the support of external designers.

When I ordered the tool, I assumed a demand of 100 parts, but now the serial tool is not finished and I need about 5.000 parts per week. Can you do that?

In such a case, please involve us in the project as early as possible. We can make almost anything possible. Depending on the design of our first tool, it may be necessary to carry out modifications or coatings in order to achieve the maximum service life. If necessary, a second tool should already be built in order to be able to deliver for a longer time without failure. In our injection moulding shop, capacities are constantly reserved for such emergencies.

Can I also get 2 component parts?

Yes, but 2K tools are built as two separate tools, the parts are moved by hand.

Can you produce parts for me from a tool I have available?

Basically yes, please enclose a tool sketch or description with your inquiry.

I would like to send you data, but not by e-mail. What can I do?

The following options are available for secure data transmission:

  • Send data via Odette (if you have Odette):

    PDF Download
  • Burn encrypted data on CD and send it to us
  • Encrypt data and send it by e-mail. (e.g. 7-Zip)

Can I order the plastic for my parts?

Yes, many of our customers do this because they often have better purchasing conditions. That is why we usually also offer the parts price excluding plastic.

Can you get me plastic granulate XYZ? How much does it cost?

We have sources of supply for most plastics. As a rule, we have to take a minimum quantity of 25 kg. We will charge you for the plastic at our purchasing conditions plus a processing fee of 75. Delivery times on request.

If the type you require is in stock, there is no minimum order quantity.

How do the set-up costs come about?

The set-up costs include all work related to the production of your parts, such as

  • Removal of the tool inserts and installation in a master tool
  • Preparation of the plastic granulate (e.g. drying)
  • Equipping the injection moulding machine with tools and material
  • Starting the injection moulding machine, loading the mould parameters
  • Dismantling the injection moulding machine and cleaning the cylinder
  • Dismantling and cleaning of the tools
  • Storage of the tool inserts

Differences in the gradation of set-up costs usually relate to the mould size used and whether an additional temperature control unit (for high-temperature plastics) must be used.

Why do you often offer exclusive plastic parts?

Many parameters are often still unknown at the time of the offer. Often the plastic is still modified or an exact type is specified. Sometimes the inquiry data is still very rudimentary and a suitable component volume for calculating the material requirements cannot yet be estimated. The prices for this are difficult to calculate. Often it takes too long to get exact price information from the plastic suppliers. In addition, the price fluctuates strongly, depending on the required quantity, which is still unknown due to not finally planned quantities. Also, many of our customers have material in stock themselves, which they would like to provide us with.

If you need parts from a tool on a long-term basis and a part price including material is absolutely necessary, we recommend to ask for it only after the initial sampling, final material determination and with a realistic part requirement.

Can you process PEEK and PPS?


I need parts made of silicone, is that possible?

We ourselves can offer small silicone tools and are equipped for liquid silicone components (LSR) up to 10 gr. shot weight. For larger LSR components we can also gladly name a reliable partner. Please contact us for further information.

How many parts can I get from you?

Orders for parts ranging from 5 (prototypes for testing purposes) to 100,000 parts (small series) are common. The output quantities of the aluminium mould inserts depend to a large extent on the plastic used. By using multiple cavities or using reinforced material, these can usually be easily lifted upwards.

Which plastics can be processed in your company?

In principle, we process all thermoplastics except PVC, but the service life of our tool inserts decreases for special material types such as PPS or PEEK.

I need parts in 7 days or less, is that possible?

Yes, we can make almost anything for you. However, extremely short delivery times require overtime and, if necessary, night shifts. The corresponding costs are shown separately in our offer.

Tip: Don't waste time now! Please mark your request as URGENT and announce it by telephone if possible. We will send you an offer immediately. Your contact persons Mr Markus Langer, Mr Sebastian Gölz and Mr Patrick Ständner will take care of this.

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