Multi-component injection moldingInjection molded parts using the 2K process

2K injection molded parts of the best quality

Injection molded parts with two or more components - Solidtec also demonstrates its expertise here. An intelligent process makes production in two-component injection molding or multi-component injection molding profitable.

Fully automated processes and the necessary equipment are often too costly for low quantities. Injection-moulded parts made from different components, whether hard/hard or hard/soft, are therefore produced by us using several moulds (one injection mould for each component) and the transfer process. This means that 2K injection molded parts are also suitable for prototypes, for example.

Another advantage of 2K injection molding or multi-component injection molding is that it is also possible to combine different plastic components and metal inserts.

Convince yourself of our strengths in the production of 2K injection molded parts and multi-component injection molded parts.

Examples of 2K injection molded parts

2K injection molding: advantages & application examples

Advantages of 2K injection molding

The biggest advantage of two-component injection molding or multi-component injection molding lies in the combination of several materials. two-component injection molded parts combine the different properties of several plastics in just one component.

This is achieved by overmolding or injecting a soft plastic (e.g. TPE) onto an injection-molded part made of hard plastic. The result is a 2-component injection-molded part or, if other plastics are used, a multi-component injection-molded part.

The transfer process we use is particularly economical, is also suitable for prototypes and reduces the susceptibility to errors. 2K injection molding enables multi-coloured and particularly functional plastic parts, ensures a better feel on plastic housings, allows the direct injection of seals and integrated buttons on assemblies.

Application examples for 2K injection molded parts

Due to its versatile possibilities, two-component injection molding or multi-component injection molding is used for the production of plastic parts in various industries.

Examples are

  • Electrical (individual parts, housings and complete electrical appliances)
  • Automotive (e.g. covers, seals or ventilation flaps)
  • Packaging industry (e.g. closures or flaps)
  • Sports industry (e.g. sports glasses or parts for surfboards)

The combination of different materials offers various possibilities. Talk to us!

Frequently asked questions about multi-component injection molding

Can I spray a soft component onto any component?

This is usually not possible "just like that". There are many limiting factors that need to be taken into account when designing the component. For example, not every combination of materials is possible, as some materials do not bond with each other.

PP and TPE generally work very well, and combinations between TPE and polyamides (PA) are also conceivable - the right combination of materials should always be discussed before the project starts.

We are happy to assist you with our experience in multi-component injection molding.

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