Instert technology for injection moldingThe best solution for small quantities? The hand!

Manually produced injection molded parts

Automation on principle? Not with us. Sometimes manual production is the better choice for injection molded parts.

Automatically overmolding various inserts? That's only worthwhile for large quantities. In the prototype stage with small production runs, we therefore do without complete automation and instead rely on insert technology in injection molding.

The inserts are placed in the molds by hand and then overmolded - insert technology is a high-quality and cost-effective process for smaller quantities.

Examples of injection molded parts with insert technology

Advantages of insert technology

Today, many components are designed to perform several tasks at once. Screw-on and threaded bushes or plug contacts, for example, are integrated directly into the plastic part. In the injection molding process, these are overmolded after insertion into the tool so that they later form part of a "hybrid component". In prototype and small series injection molding , automatic insertion is not used for economic reasons.

We have perfected our technology for inserting busbars, plug contacts, punched grids or threaded bushes and produce your components by inserting them by hand on vertical and horizontal injection molding machines.

Solidtec GmbH has actively supported many projects with its insert technology, particularly in the course of many new developments in the field of electromobility, and has built up a wealth of experience - e.g. in the overmolding of For example, in the overmolding of busbars, which must be embedded in plastic material everywhere except in the contact area, ready-made contact carriers at the cable outlet or in the overmolding of fixing grommets on cable harnesses.

Solidtec GmbH offers an amazing price-performance ratio, particularly in the range up to 5,000 units. Are you interested in injection molding using insert technology? Then get in touch with us!

Frequently asked questions about insert technology in injection molding

I need a screw connection to join my components. The ideal solution for my product would be to manufacture it with the necessary threaded bushes. Is this possible with your manufacturing processes?

In principle, we can insert and overmould almost any conceivable bushing or threaded bushing into the injection mold.

We do this manually using insert technology, as automation for inserting the inserts would be far too costly for the quantities we usually produce.

You can either provide us with the inserts or we can discuss a solution together using available standard components.

How can you insert and overmold conductor tracks, punched grids and electrical contacts so that they are completely surrounded by plastic over the area to be insulated?

If large areas of the components need to be completely encapsulated in plastic, a two-stage injection molding process usually helps. In the first step, a so-called pre-molded part is created, which encapsulates the contacts, punched grids or busbars at the critical points and thus fixes them in place.

This fixed "package" or pre-moulded part is then held in a second insertion process at the plastic areas and overmoulded again so that all areas of the current-carrying component are overmoulded and the metal inserts are precisely positioned at the designated location.

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