Data security

Data security is an important issue. And that is why we take it especially seriously.

As a supplier of prototypes we are directly involved in the product development of our customers. Your know-how and your ideas are the future and the capital of your company. We are aware of the responsibility and trust placed in us and therefore place particular emphasis on the security and confidentiality of the information and data you provide. We treat all inquiries confidentially. We will gladly sign a confidentiality agreement upon request. We provide a corresponding template for you to download here.

We offer you the following options for secure data transmission:

  • Data dispatch by mail (encrypted 7-Zip, Zip or RAR archive, please send password separately. We recommend the free and powerful tool 7-Zip)
  • Data transmission via Odette protocol:

    PDF data transfer
  • Mailing of data carriers (e.g. CD and DVD, ideally encrypted)

After receiving your data, we will transfer it to an internal data network and store it there. From now on, the data is separated from the Internet and secured against any external access. All our employees have signed a confidentiality agreement and are aware of their responsibility towards our customers.

Here you can download the non-disclosure agreement in PDF format:

PDF Confidentiality

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