The Solidtec track"Step by step" new tool parts

Our new automation building has been in operation since the beginning of 2020. The new achievements in the daily production of our tool parts facilitate and accelerate our production immensely! Only the spatial separation from our tool shop caused an "in-house logistics problem" in the transport of the many aluminium milled parts produced daily for our tool inserts.

In keeping with the motto "railroad instead of back pain", we decided to create a rail connection between the automation building and the tool shop - naturally with plastic injection-moulded rails developed and produced in-house!

With a gauge width of 360 mm, the rail tracks could be laid with inexpensive standard concrete slabs. 3 weeks ago, our self-built electric locomotive started on its maiden voyage. It can easily transport 50 kg of aluminium tool parts in its 2 trailers and is sustainably powered by solar cells on its roof.

It drives and stops fully automatically thanks to sophisticated control electronics, and is water and weatherproof. Since then, our timetable has always been full to the brim - Rapid Transport for Rapid Tooling!

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