Petrissa Solja during the home game against TV Busenbach | Photographer: Uwe Bachmann
Photographer: Uwe Bachmann

Solidtec goes Olympia 2020!

True to the motto "think global, act local" we support the table tennis department of TSV Langstadt, especially the successful Bundesliga team. At this point, we are especially happy that the top player Petrissa Solja (in the middle of the picture) is part of the German Olympic team this year and we keep our fingers crossed for her, of course, that she will be very successful at the Olympic Games in Tokyo and will get as far as possible in the tournament!

In the course of our sponsoring we were on site with a small team on the first Sunday in February 2020 to support the first women's team of TSV Langstadt in the home game of the 1st Bundesliga against TV Busenbach - here we proved to be a real lucky charm, because the game could be won against the expected difficult opponent with 6:0! The many visitors were fascinated by both the sporting and the technical highlights of Rapid Tooling and experienced a more than interesting afternoon.

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