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Housing for the MOTUS C14

For the company Wöhner GmbH & Co. KG we were allowed to produce the housing for the MOTUS C14, a highly efficient motor starter. The MOTUS C14 is up to 75% more powerful and space-saving than conventional control cabinet elements. 

We are very proud to have been part of this development and thank Wöhner GmbH & Co KG / Sinit Kunststoffwerke for sharing the video of the launch event with you.

Virtual tour

Are you looking for a competent partner? We take you on a tour through our company and inform you about everything that makes Solidtec what it is.

The Solidtec track

Rapid Transport for Rapid Tooling: After completion of our automation building we found a solution for the spatial separation from our tool shop.


In short interviews, Philip Kolb (customer consultant Solidtec) and Klaus Nowak (Managing Director Protection Impuls) explain how the industrial mass production of protective masks in high volumes was achieved within only 24 hours.

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