Small Batch Injection Molding & Prototype Injection MoldingEconomical production of your injection molded parts

Injection molding small seriesPlastic parts in small series and pilot series

A coherent concept, short throughput times and high output quantities - this is how reliably small batches and pilot series are produced in plastic injection molding at Solidtec.

Quality is evident right from the start. This is especially important in the production of plastic parts in small batches. And that's why our designers make sure that the mold inserts are designed to be particularly stable, even during the design phase - this is how far more than 100,000 injection molded parts can be produced.

For the production of pilot series and small batches, we combine the advantages of the modular Solidtec master mold system with the benefits of automation. The result: a particularly cost-effective injection molding process for larger quantities. The specific output quantity that is possible in small series production of your injection molded parts in small series production depends on the plastic used in each individual case.

The production of the series mold is delayed? No problem! A parts bottleneck can be quickly compensated with the help of our molds. Convince yourself of Solidtec as the manufacturer of your plastic small series.

Small-batch injection molding: advantages at a glance

Are you looking for an economical injection molding process for the production of up to 100,000 plastic parts? Are you looking for an alternative to previously used 3D printing processes? Do you want to have parts manufactured quickly and efficiently?

Then the production of your plastic parts in small series injection molding with Solidtec is exactly the right thing for you! With high-strength aluminum tools from our own tool shop, we create the ideal basis for manufacturing in short lead times.

The result: materials and surfaces as in large-scale production at a fraction of the cost. Starting from approx. 100 component sets, the costs in small-series injection molding are lower than in realization using the 3D printing process.

Thus, the production of injection molded parts in small series at Solidtec offers an ideal price-performance ratio with very short delivery times.

That's why small-batch injection molding is the best choice for manufacturing your plastic parts:

  • Particularly economical production
  • For 100-100,000 plastic parts and more
  • Injection molded parts in series quality
  • Cost-effective changes to the mold possible
  • Perfect alternative to series production in 3D printing

You would like to realize your project as a small series? Get intouchwith us!

Do you need plastic prototypes before producing a small series? Our prototype injection molding is suitable for small quantities, alternatively rapid prototyping with additive manufacturing.

Examples of plastic parts in small series injection molding

Prototype injection moldingLess is more

Prototype injection molding at Solidtec is ideal for low volumes. The advantages of prototyping: simplified process, more efficiency, and significant time and cost savings.

Often, only small quantities are needed initially. However, producing them by injection molding requires a lot of time and money. That is why Solidtec offers its customers rapid tooling. Already during the design phase, the injection molds are designed for small part quantities.

The special feature: True to the motto "less is more", we have integrated many functions of series production into the modular Solidtec master mold system with cooling and the ejector system. In terms of prototype injection molding, this means: simpler mold inserts, more efficiency in production.

Other advantages of this solution: Different sprue positions can be tested with comparatively little effort. This allows the optimum cavity filling situation to be worked out - quickly, reliably and cost-effectively.

Do you have any questions about prototype injection molding with Solidtec? Please contact us!

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