Injection mouldingFrom multi-component and micro injection moulding to insert technology

Mehrkomponenten-SpritzgussVielfalt ist unsere Stärke

Zwei oder mehr Komponenten – auch hier zeigt Solidtec seine Kompetenz. Ein intelligenter Prozess macht die Fertigung rentabel.

Zu unseren Stärken gehört die Herstellung von Zwei- und Mehrkomponenten-Spritzgussteilen.

Bei oft niedrigen Stückzahlen sind vollautomatisierte Prozesse und die dazu notwendigen Anlagen zu kostspielig. Bauteile aus verschiedenen Komponenten, sei es hart/hart oder hart/weich, werden bei uns deshalb mittels mehrerer Formen (je Komponente eine Spritzgussform) und über das Umsetzverfahren realisiert.

Ein weiterer Vorteil dieser Herangehensweise: Auch die Kombination aus verschiedenen Kunststoffkomponenten und Metalleinlegeteilen ist möglich.

Technical insertThe best solution for small quantities? The hand!

Automation on principle? Not with us. Sometimes manual production is the better choice.

Overmould different inserts automatically? This is only worthwhile for high quantities. In the prototype stage with small runs, we therefore dispense with complete automation. The inserts are placed in the moulds by hand and then overmoulded - a high-quality and profitable process for smaller quantities.

Liquid silicone (LSR) Inexpensive and fast

We also offer high-quality components made of liquid silicone, which hardly differ from serial parts. An injection moulding machine specially optimised for the use of LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) is used for this purpose. We use it to produce component sizes up to about 8 cm diameter and shot weights up to 10 g.

Liquid silicone injection moulding is particularly suitable for the cost-effective and rapid production of small series and offers the following advantages:

  • Media resistance
  • Temperature resistance
  • Good seal resistance

Micro injection mouldingSmall but nice

Perfection even on a small scale - thanks to high-tech equipment, this is a matter of course for us.

You need a filigree component on a small scale? You're welcome. Our high-tech machinery consists of a large number of high-precision HSC machining centres. For the smallest components, we sometimes use milling cutters with diameters of up to 0.2 mm - the guarantee that we can also reproduce very small contours with precision. Shot weights of 0.5 g and more are feasible.


In our injection moulding department we process every thermoplastic according to customer requirements, for example

  • PS
  • ABS
  • PP
  • EP
  • PPA
  • PPS
  • PPSU
  • PBT
  • PEEK
  • POM
  • TPE
  • TPU
  • PC
  • PMMA
  • ASA
  • LCP
  • PK
  • SAN
  • PVDF
  • PA
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