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Small details often play a decisive role in production processes. Also in CNC milling, where tool changes should run like clockwork. In everyday life, however, they often lead to interruptions in production that are as annoying as they are unnecessary.

A problem that can be solved, quite simply with our collector holder, originally developed for our own use. Injection moulded from POM, it now ensures fully automatic, trouble-free tool changes in many CNC milling machines thanks to its impressive sliding properties, absolute reliability and simple assembly.

You can trust our bestseller, which has been developed and optimized from practice for practice.

It is available in the following size types:

  • ISO 30
  • HSK 25
  • HSK 30
  • HSK 40
  • HSK 50
  • HSK 63
  • WK 19 (fighter)

You need a special dimension or surface? Then talk to us about "your" Collethalter. Bet that we will solve your problem quickly and reliably.

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