Rapid ToolingQuality from a single source

Near-series prototypes, complete pre- and small series, output quantities of up to 100,000 units - and all this in an extremely short throughput time? Rapid Tooling and our dedicated team make it possible!

In contrast to Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Tooling always produces an injection mould. The effect: original materials are used. The result: a close-to-production prototype whose properties hardly differ from the original, with structured surfaces and the possibility of even producing transparent components with polished cavities.

By means of HSC milling we produce moulds from high-strength aluminium - the guarantee for extremely short throughput times. Thanks to the special aluminium alloy, even complete pre- and small series can be realized. Two decisive differences to conventional tool making, which save you time and money.

Our injection moulding machines process all thermoplastics - depending on your requirements and material in output quantities of up to 100,000 units and more. Even before the start of the project we will inform you precisely what quantities are guaranteed.

Our highly qualified and committed team will implement your project in the shortest possible time - even for complex components with increased design and production costs. And if necessary, we will also gladly put on a special shift for you.

To ensure that everything functions as quickly and reliably as possible, your personal contact person will take care of all the steps in the process chain. On request, we can support and advise you in the development and design of your components even before the contract is awarded.

Frequently asked questions about Rapid Tooling

Whether material, quantity, costs or tools: In our FAQ section we have summarized the most important questions and answers concerning Rapid Tooling for you.

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Rapid Tooling: Advantages over 3D printing

"Only small quantities", "poor surfaces", "only suitable for prototypes", "no undercuts can be demoulded via a slide": numerous (false) myths surround rapid tooling.

That's why many customers choose 3D printing. At the same time, many people do not know how cost-efficient rapid tooling can be.

Are these or similar situations familiar to you?

I've been printing prototype parts, and I've discovered that...

  • ...these do not at all meet my strength requirements.
  • ... the parts do not have satisfactory surfaces without long reworking.
  • ... i need a larger quantity, but a series injection moulder is not interested in a series of 1,000 pieces.

What can you do when 3D printing reaches its limits? Rely on Rapid Tooling.

Your advantages with Rapid Tooling

  • Highest surface quality
  • Mechanical properties of the original materials are maintained
  • Overmoulding is possible
  • Multi-component parts
  • Quantities up to the tens of thousands

If 3D printing is not enough for you because you need more than just "model making prototypes", we can help you efficiently with Rapid Tooling!

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