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Wishful Thinking Takes Form. Enquiry

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Wishful Thinking Takes Form. Enquiry

Enquiries for Injection Moulding Prototype Inserts

You have a concrete project in mind and are ready for a quotation. Below is a list of information we need to prepare a detailed offer for you, tailored to the specific job at hand.

Tel.: +49 (0) 6071 / 9229-28 / -33
Fax.: +49 (0) 6071 / 9229-11

Please send us the following:

Contact Information

Contact person, address, telephone number and email address

3D Data/Drawing

To quickly and accurately calculate the price of producing a tool, we must have the 3D data* of the part. In addition, we need a drawing or an exact description of the part function to determine tolerances. Should an order be placed, we will require this detailed information and, if possible, any connection parts for functional tests.

If only drawings or sketches are available, we can only estimate the price of carrying out the project. In special cases, we could make a quotation by reviewing existing sample parts. We would be pleased to generate 3D data from drawings for you, if necessary.

* If possible, please provide 3D data of the part in one of these formats: step, stl, VDA, IGS, Catia. We can handle other formats upon request.

Requested Material

We can produce parts from all thermoplastic materials.

If you have not yet made a final decision as to which material should be used for your project, we can certainly help you make a selection.

Should you have already selected a specific material to use, we require the following information:

  • Material: e.g., PA6.6, POM, ABS
  • Material Additives: e.g., 30% Glass Fiber Content, 15% Glass Beads, Talcum-Reinforced, PTFE
  • Color: e.g., RAL-Tones, Master Batch No.

Should you require a specific material, we would ask that you provide the exact brand name, e.g., Ultramid A3WG6, Hostacom, Bayblend T45

Since material prices can vary significantly, the prices we quote for parts typically exclude the cost of materials. Many of our customers stock materials themselves which they make available to us for their projects. Of course materials can be ordered for customers, at the same price we pay, plus a minor handling fee.

Required Quantity

How many parts do you need? Will you require only a few parts as prototypes for experimental purposes or are you considering the production of a small series? With comprehensive information from you, we can prepare a detailed quotation, tailored to the specific job at hand. In our experience, when fewer parts are produced, it is more cost efficient to put inserts into moulds by hand. For larger quantities of parts, we would opt to run a fully-automated process. That way the price per part is more reasonable.

Depending on the material used, we can achieve output quantities from 1,000 to 50,000 parts. But we are certainly in position to produce far more parts. Projects involving high-volume production should be coordinated in the earliest stages, so that the tooling inserts are designed for durability.

Delivery Date Target

Perhaps the most important information we require to provide a detailed quotation: PART QUANTITY AND DELIVERY DATE TARGET. Generally we require one to four weeks to produce simple tools, somewhat longer for more complex assemblies.

In particularly urgent cases, we can meet virtually any tight deadline. Of course, extremely short delivery times may require overtime staffing or even night shifts. These special charges would be listed separately in our quotation.

Under normal circumstances, we process enquiries within 24 hours. If your request is pressing, please mark the enquiry as “urgent”. Of course, all enquiries are treated confidentially. Detailed information on confidentiality and data security can be found here.

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Reordering Parts from Existing Tools

You’d like to reorder parts from an existing tool? Below is a list of information we require to prepare a quotation or submit a reorder request for you.

Tel.: +49 (0) 6071 / 9229-270 / -49 / -42
Fax.: +49 (0) 6071 / 9229-11

Please submit the following information:

Delivery and Billing Address

When submitting a written order, please provide the billing address and be sure to inform us if the delivery address is different.

Your Order Number

Please provide an order number. This number will appear on our shipping documents and invoice, so that your firm will have a reference number which corresponds to all paperwork relating to the project.

Our Tool Number and/or Precise Part Description

To ensure quick processing of your enquiry/order, please list our tool number, which will appear on the shipping documents and invoices we issue. In addition, please include a description of your part or an article number.

Requested Material

If you do not specifically request a particular material, we will deliver parts in the material last used in our machine.

Required Quantity / Delivery Date Target

Please include the part quantity requested and desired delivery date.

Under normal circumstances, we process enquiries within 24 hours. If your request is pressing, please mark the enquiry as “urgent” and perhaps call to confirm that your order can be fulfilled. Of course, all enquiries are treated confidentially. Once we receive the enquiry/order, we will send you a quotation/order confirmation without delay.

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