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Good to Know.

Good to Know.

How can I get in touch with you?

The quickest way is by phone: +49 (0) 6071-9229-0 

You can also send a fax: +49 (0) 6071-9229-11 or an email: info(at)
Please use our contact form, if you wish.

What do you need from me if I want a quotation for a tool?

To present you with a detailed offer, we must have the following:

  • Contact Information
  • 3D Data/Drawing
  • Requested Material
  • Required Quantity
  • Delivery Date Target

Which data formats can you process?

If possible, please provide 3D data of the part in one of these formats: step, stl, VDA, IGS, or Catia. We can handle other formats upon request.

Additional 2D data should be made available as PDF or TIF files.

Can I actually see the tool construction data?

Yes. Upon request, we can provide a viewer with measuring functions so you can look at the tool construction. There is no extra charge to you.

Can I be involved in decisions made regarding the injection point to be used and shrinkage?

We can certainly accommodate your wishes when it comes to the injection point and shrinkage issues. Please note your requests on the order you submit or on the drawing. At an additional cost, we can run trials with varying injection points.

Can I come by to see my tool when the first sampling of parts is scheduled?

As a general rule, clients are not present for the production of first samples. After the initial “breaking in” of the tools inserts, we could arrange an appointment for you to come by and see your tool in action. Feel free to invite your series supplier to come along as well. 

Can my series toolmaker get in contact with you?

Yes, we are always willing to share the knowledge and experience we gained from producing your unique prototype tool. We’re also eager to learn from your know-how with similar tools. 

Whose property is the tool?

The tool is made up of the inserts we manufactured for you, as well as a mould unit which is tailored to fit your inserts. The tool inserts belong to you, the mould unit, however, remains our property, as it will be used for a number of customers and inserts. 

Can I get the tool inserts from you?

Generally, we keep the tool inserts at our facility, so we are in position to reproduce parts for you any time.

Do you also make steel tools?

No, we do not produce steel tools. Only in particular cases, with specific requirements, would we possibly make an exception and produce sections of the tool insert in steel.

Which tolerances can you achieve?

Usually we work in accordance with DIN 16901 for plastic parts, although these tolerances are insufficient for many clients. If that is the case, specific requirements should be clarified in advance.

What happens if the tool breaks?

We give a durability guarantee for tools, based on the particular project. If a tool breaks before the stipulated warranty period has elapsed, we will repair it and cover all costs. Should damage occur at a later time, we can offer repair service or a new tool at a reasonable price.

How long do you keep the tools?

If no special agreement has been made, tools are kept at least three years from the last parts order.

Which part sizes can you produce?

We can provide parts in these sizes:

Part Volume: 0 to approx. 300 cm³ (approx. 400 g at PA66 GF30 =1360 kg/m³)
Part Measurements:     
Maximum Length: approx. 700 mm
Maximum Height: approx. 240 mm
Projected Surface: 600 cm² - approx. A4 (dependent on wall thickness strength)

Could you assist me in the construction of new objects?

Prior to the start of a new project, we can certainly put our heads together to talk about what is feasible and the optimisation possibilities for product design and production. With simpler objects, we will do the construction ourselves, using the data and specs you provide. If your project is more complex and challenging, we can arrange for additional support from independent constructors.

When I ordered a tool, I estimated the need for 100 parts. Now my series tool is not going to be ready and I’ll require about 5,000 parts per week. Can you manage that?

In this sort of case, it’s important to get us involved in the project as early as you can. We can make almost anything possible. Depending on the design of our first tool, we may possibly consider making modifications or using coatings in an effort to extend the life of the tool. 

Where necessary, a second tool may be made to guarantee adequate output over an extended time without disruption. Our injection moulding department always makes sure we have the capacity to accommodate clients in such emergency situations, should they arise.

Can I also get binary component injection moulding parts?

Yes, however, 2K tools are built as two separate tools and assembly of the parts is done by hand.

Can you make parts from a tool manufactured by my company?

Generally, yes. Please include a drawing of the tool and/or description when submitting your request for a quotation.

I’d like to send some data, but do not wish to do this via email. Are there other options?

To make sure data is transferred safely, the following options are available to you:

  • Send data via Odette. Link to Odette Form
  • Burn encrypted data on CD and mail it to us.
  • Encrypt data and then send by email (e.g., 7-Zip)

May I provide the materials for my parts?

Yes, many of our clients order materials through their own firms because they benefit from better purchasing rates. Typically, the prices we quote for parts exclude the cost of materials.

Can you get the plastic granulate XXX for me? What would it cost?

We have contacts to suppliers for most materials. The minimum quantity that can be ordered is generally 25 kg. We charge our clients the cost of materials at the same price we pay, plus a handling fee of 50 Euros. Please ask for information on delivery times.

If we have the material you request in stock, we do not require you to take a specific minimum quantity.

How do you calculate “set up” costs?

Set up costs are charges related to all the tasks that must be carried out to manufacture your parts, such as:

  • Removal of tool inserts and reinsertion into the mould unit
  • Preparation of plastic granulate (e.g., drying)
  • Set up of injection moulding machine with the tool and material
  • Start of injection moulding machine, loading of tool parameters
  • Shut down of injection moulding machine and cleaning of cylinder
  • Removal and cleaning of tool inserts
  • Storage of tool inserts


Why do you often issue quotations for parts without including the cost of materials?

At the time a quotation is prepared, often many parameters are still unclear. The material may be exchanged or a specific type is requested. That makes calculating prices difficult. Often we have to wait a long time to get exact prices from material suppliers. Prices also vary greatly, depending on the quantity of material purchased. Until the number of parts and the quantity of material needed have been set, price calculations cannot be done accurately. Finally, many of our customers stock materials themselves, which they make available to us for their projects.

You may wish to use a tool to produce parts over an extended period of time, but must first know the price per part, including the cost of materials. If you are in this position, please wait to request a quotation until the first samples are done, you have made a final decision on the material to be used, and you’ve come up with a realistic number of parts you will require.

Can you use PEEK and PPS?


I need parts made of duroplast – would that be possible?

We are currently carrying out the first trials with duroplasts. For now, we can make parts in small quantities with lesser volumes. Please get in touch with us for details.

Can you provide silicone parts?

We do not produce silicone tools, but we can certainly recommend a reliable company that does.

How many parts can I get from you?

Usually, the quantity of parts ordered ranges from 5 (prototypes for experimental purposes) up to 100,000 parts (small series).

Which materials can you process?

We work with all thermoplasts. However, in using special types such as PPS or PEEK, the lifetime of our tool inserts is shortened.

I need parts in a week or less – is that possible?

Yes, almost anything is possible in that time frame. Of course, extremely short delivery times may require overtime staffing or even night shifts. These special charges would be listed separately in our quotation. 

Final WordsDon’t lose any more time in getting your projects started! Please direct all enquiries to: Ms. Christina Marangoz. In particularly urgent cases, mark your enquiry as such and phone us ahead of time. We’ll prepare a quotation for you straight away. Let’s make this happen together.

Of course, all enquiries are treated confidentially. Information regarding confidentiality and data security can be found here

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